Muharram Tausyiah

from Chief of Daarut Tauhiid Foundation: Gatot Kunta Kumara, S.T., MM

Edited by Gian Bakti (Red. Yys DT)


Today is 1st Muharram and for us, Muslims, the month of Muharram is an extraordinarily month because (Muharram) is one of the four months which is very special in the hijriyah calendar; Muslim calendar. First Muharram, 1442 H for anyone who reminisces the Prophet’s hijrah and his companions from Mecca to Medina would know the struggle of the sacrifice, and incredible determination of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. in carrying out da’wah, in carrying the flag of Islam, in teaching the truth to his people and to the Quraish infidels at that time.


Thank God, thankfulness to the sacrifice of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his friends, we Muslims are able to know the truth and how merciful Allâh is for his servants so that we can become believers. All praise is due to Allâh, the Lord of the worlds. For this reason, we should always remember the tremendous struggles and sacrifices of our predecessors so that we become Muslim human beings. All praise is due to Allah.


Second, there is a hadith (although the hadith experts consider it’s dhaif, and some think this is Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Thalib Ra’s words Karamallahu wajhah) which reads, “Whoever is better today than yesterday is really fortunate, whoever is the same today with yesterday he really forfeited, and whoever today is worse than yesterday he really wretched,” then it is fitting for us Muslim; people who believe must be determined earnestly to fill day by day with good deeds, with superior activities and become good deeds as provisions for returning residence in the afterlife.


Because our capital is time, the most capital that is given to us is time. This time is like a sword, if we use this sword well, God willing, the result will also be good. On the contrary, if we use this sword recklessly and in vain then it might cut our hands or limbs. Just like that, time will punish us. If our time is used for useful activities, then we will be useful people. If our time is filled with noble deeds, then in sha Allah, we will be made noble servants. However, if we use our time and fill it with immoral activities, then we will fall into evil and perverted creatures. So we should be determined to fill our time with positive activities that become good deeds.


In sha Allah, first Muharram in 1442 H is a very important moment in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. May Allah SWT. gave the ease of spaciousness for all our affairs, a blessing in our life. In sha Allah. Aamiin.